MYAH BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES provides effective executive consultancy in various aspects of a business entity namely
  • Assistance in decision making with regards to start up advice on whether to buy and existing business or setting up a new one
  • Help with Transition management from old to new model of business
  • Help to establish the strategic goals of the business after proper review.
  • Build the business case to garner internal support for change
  • Define optimal resource requirements based on empirical data
  • Assistance with regards to selection of proper business model
  • Assistance in developing a profitable 5 year rolling business plan including thorough risk analysis of the project.
  • Assistance with regards to 5 year budget creation and prepare a cash flow forecast.
  • Regular assistance with ongoing management information system and financial reporting analysis
  • Guidance and support with in-house or outsourced software set up and training for information technology based value added business
  • Create an achievable implementation roadmap with proper communication of the role and value all resources throughout the organization
  • Ensure full guidance with regards to statutory regulation compliance while conducting business
  • Assist with effective manpower sourcing for key strategic positions.

Remarks: The service is conducted in face-to-face format from Monday to Friday between 1pm – 3 pm.