Advisory for Training and Development

The goal of MYAH BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES is to have the best-trained, best-prepared Financial Advisory Entrepreneurs in the industry. That's why development of a robust and challenging ongoing Financial Advisory Entrepreneurship training and development program is so critical. MYAH BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES is committed to helping you become the most successful Financial Advisory Entrepreneur that you are willing to be.

With MYAH BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES the incumbent will enter a 45-week, new and comprehensive Financial Advisory Entrepreneurship training program. This rigorous training program has been designed to assist an entrepreneur for :

  • Successfully undertake necessary statutory examinations
  • Perform target market research, explore existing network, and gain exposure to the advisory core products and services
  • Thoroughly explore the core products and services through briefings by experts in sales and marketing areas
  • Develop understanding of the firm's products and services and work your way through in-depth client scenarios to help refine your product-suitability, communications, and sales skills
  • Learn our relationship-builder sales process and develop the skills needed to contact prospects and convert those contacts into business relationships
  • Prepare a comprehensive investment plan utilizing latest technology and present it with product recommendation in a video / voice recorded session This process is designed to help clients live the one life they have the best way they can, without undue financial sacrifice or overexposure to risk.

The next phase of the Financial Advisory Entrepreneurship development program involves entering a 15-week apprenticeship, during which you’ll be challenged to open 24 accounts, gather assets, and build a robust pipeline of qualified prospects. That way you have momentum as you begin your first year into Financial Advisory Business as a qualifed Financial Advisor.

Remarks: The service is conducted in face-to-face format from Monday to Friday between 1pm – 3 pm.