Advisory for Risk Control

Risk Management Advisory Services are developed to ensure that any business entity in financial advisory servies is effectively backed up with realistic solutions that cost-effectively control the risk associated with its regular business processes, statutory or otherwise. The primary sources of risk that a business entity faces today in a complex regulatory framework are :

Financial Process and Reporting Risks includes the risks that financial results are not accurate or not available or correctly depicted, when needed, due to internal or external threats including cybersecurity.

Business Process Execution Risks involving the risks that technology is not being leveraged effectively to meet business needs or the processes are complied with.

Compliance and Statutory Risks evolving out of the risks that technology or processes are not being monitored effectively comply with statutory risks with relation to the laws of the country.

Privacy Risks in advisory predominantly arises out of the fact that more than often information on assets and liabilities of customers are compromised resulting to gross violation of fiduciary responsibilities and this might well arise both from internal and/or external threats.

MYAH BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES team have a professional team with the deep technical know-how and business understanding to analyze effectively your advisory business strategy and goals. MAYA Business Advisory Services have a significant experience in accounting, financial, operational, and IT management, as well as back-office operations.

Remarks: The service is conducted in face-to-face format from Monday to Friday between 1pm – 3 pm.