Advisory for IT Services

The consultancy services offered by MYAH BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES for financial advisory entrepreneurs and business houses include ::

  • Understanding business objective and complete guidance on delivery and operational model designing including execution parameters.
  • Guidance on Financial Products design, development and launch
  • Inclusion of risk advisory check points in marketing, delivery and operational model Regulatory and compliance services including advisory services around suitability and fiduciary responsibilities as per statutory requirements
  • Advisory on process development on Financial Planning and Investment Planning services including advisory support and asset allocation , product allocation, risk profiling tools.
  • Advice on application and development on Financial planning tools and advisory models, latest methodologies and data analytics.
  • Advice on Investment product processing capability development in all asset classes and product categories.
  • Advice on development of Management Information services for all business processes and controls
  • Advice on development assistance of Online portal for account aggregation, portfolio analytics, etc
  • Advice on development of Online portal based advisory execution kit for employees and RIAs
  • Consultancy for comprehensive Front and back office operational platform development
  • Guidance facility on completete advisory services on an ongoing basis

Remarks: The service is conducted in face-to-face format from Monday to Friday between 1pm – 3 pm.