Advisory for Franchisee Development

MYAH BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES offer consultancy services with matters related to the franchising side of your business. The engagement may be for a short-term or long-term basis. The salient features of the services rendered are :
  • Identify the right franchisee business mode(s) of your concept.
  • Calculate the level of investment required to establish each of them
  • Determine your initial support element to each of franchisees including training, marketing, launch support, information technology, chain supply, transfer of systems, designs, layouts, software and others.
  • Calculate the cost of the above support elements and add you profit margin
  • Decide on your franchise fee for a franchised unit
  • Determine the on-going support elements including on-going training, research & development, periodical meetings, periodical visits, mystery shopper program and motivational programs
  • Calculate the cost of the above support elements and add you profit margin
  • Decide on your royalty
  • Check if any other fees or levies which can be added to your set of franchise fees
  • Plan your proprietary/ branded products
  • Identify the cost of the line of products which you are going to source directly to franchisees and add your profit margin to it.
  • Develop the franchised unit "three – year" profit & loss statement.
  • Develop you own profit & loss statement as the franchisor
  • Develop your financials analysis into a business plan
  • Advisory on development of technology based platform for seamless functioning of the franchisee model

Advisory for development of the franchisor and franchisee related operations manual

Advisory for development of all franchisee related marketing materials.

Advisory for Franchisee marketing

To assist or to act as an content provider for the blog site

Advisory on all Compliance related requirements for your franchisee business

Advisory on all tax and accounting related matters with relation to franchisee business

Remarks: The service is conducted in face-to-face format from Monday to Friday between 1pm – 3 pm.